You all were really excited to see Mysterious Treasures come out. The return of Alakazam got some people excited. (Though there was an Alakazam* in Crystal Guardians) But strangely enough, no Kadabra was seen. Abra, and Alakazam mad it into the set. So why not Kadabra?

Abra has an attack called "Ultra Evolution" that will allow him to go straight to Alakazam for the cost of a Psychic energy, and a Colorless energy. But why would they want to skip Kadabra?

Here is the real story: On November 2000 Uri Geller, (Ur-e Gel-er) a crazy magician, tried to sue Nintendo for $100000000. (he lost) He thinks that Kadabra was a copy of him because he can bend spoons. (Yeah right!) He claims that the star on Kadabra's forehead, and lightning patterns on its abdomen were stolen.

Though the freak may have lost, that was to close! Nintendo is gonna try and keep it quiet with Kadabra. Though Kadabra is in Pokemon games, it will see none to little anime appearences, as well as most likely no more tcg appearences.

The last time a Kadabra was seen in the anime was episode "Fear Factor Phony." The last TCG Appearence was in Skyridge.