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After you get the Azure Flute, from a Nintendo Event or an Action Replay, head back up to where to caught Dialga/Palkia. Then play the Azure Flute. Steep Stairs will appear in front of you. After heading up the large amount of stairs Arceus will be right there. He is at level 80, so you should use a Master Ball. Otherwise you're in for a fight. Once you catch him you can give him a plate and he will become that type. This means if you give him a Splash Plate, then he will become Water Type.


Obtain the Manaphy egg from Pokemon Ranger with the code P8M2-9D6F-43H7. Once you receive the egg, walk around for 2560 steps. After that, the egg will glow & turn into Manaphy. Manaphy will be at Level 1.


If you breed Manaphy with a Ditto, you will get Phione. Phione is just like Manaphy, only weaker.


Go to the Old Chateau in Eterna Forest. Then find the TV in one of the rooms upstairs. Go to the TV and press @. Rotom should appear. If not, come back late at night. Rotom is at level 15.


Spiritomb has no weakness making it the new sableye. First you're going to need the Odd Keystone. You can dig it up in the Sinnoh Underground. Put the item on the rock thing, on Route 209. Then go underground and talk to 32 people. You cannot talk to the same person twice, and hikers don't count. After that, Go Up and you will find Spiritomb were you put the Odd Keystone.


Feebas appears on four tiles in the Mt. Coronet Lake. Unfortunately the tiles change everyday, so there is no way of telling where Feebas will be. If you ever find one of the tiles, then catch two of them.


No you still can't catch him in less you go to 9 Island on Pokemon Firered. But once you have caught him, you can send him over and have his form changed to anything you want. With Deoxys in your team, head to Veilstone City. There on the East Side you will find Meteorites. Go up to one and press @. Your Deoxys form will then change. You can do this as many times as you want.

Here are the Places/Forms:
Top: Speed
Middle: Normal
Bottom: Attack
Bottom Right: Defence


Burmy's first type is bug type. Its second type is up to you to decide. Depending on where you last battled it, you can have it become Grass, Steel, or Ground. It's type changes depending on where you battled it last. If you battled it in a Cave, then it would become Ground Type. At level 20 all female Burmy evolve. They keep the type they had last.


Chatot can be found on Route 222 at Morning, or Day time. At level 21 it learns a unique move called Chatter. You can costumize how Chatter sounds by talking into the DS microphone. Chatot will remember those words & say them every time you use Chatter.

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