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In-Game Trades

In the game you will encounter a few people who will want to trade. This is beneficial to you because it will increase your odds of winning the lotto at Jubilife TV. Plus you might even get a pokemon you don't own yet. This page covers the trades.

Wants: Will Give You:
A Woman in Oreburgh City wants a Machop. In return, she will give you an Abra holding an Oran Berry. Abra's can be tricky to catch because of their Teleport move that they always use, so in less you are really good at the game this trade is recommended. You can catch a Machop on Route 207.

Wants: Will Give You:
A Boy in Eterna wants a Buizel. He will give you a Chatot holding a Leppa Berry in return. Chatot can easily be found on Route 222, so maybe this trade is worth skipping. If you still want to, then Buizel can be found on Route 205.

Wants: Will Give You:
This trade is definitely worth it. A woman in Snowpoint City wants a Medicham. Medicham can be found on Route 217, & Victory Road. In return she'll give you a Haunter holding an Everstone. The Haunter won't evolve though because of the everstone.


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