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Shock-Wave Markers, and Imprision Markers

In the set, Ex Dragon Frontiers, some new markers were revealed. These new markers come with some new effects. But these effects are very unique, and are only on some pokemon. These unique effects are on Tyranitar EX, and Gardevoir EX. I will explain them below.

Shock-Wave Marker

Tyranitar EX has an attack called Electromark. This attack puts a shock-wave marker on one of your opponent's pokemon. Then, Tyranitar EX can use the attack Shock-wave, and destroy an opponent with a shock-wave marker on it. You can use this attack on bench pokemon, as well as your opponent's active pokemon. So you can destroy targets very easily. No matter how much HP, you can take down the mighty Charizard EX down in a simple two turns.

Imprision Marker

Gardevoir EX has a Poke-Power called Imprision. This attack puts an Imprision Marker on one of your opponent's pokemon. All pokemon with an Imprision marker on them can not use Poke-Powers, or Poke-Bodies. This shuts down a lot of effects. Imagine your opponent can use a Poke-Powers, or Poke-Bodies. That would be great.

Shock-Wave Markers, and Imprision Markers are not special conditions. Meaning that a full heal will not remove them. The only way to remove these markers would be to evolve/devolve, or use the pokemon below:


Tropius can remove a Shock-Wave Marker, or an Imprision Marker from simply playing him from your hand on to the bench. You can do it as many times as you want, if you can get him back into your hand. If you need a Shock-Wave Marker, or an Imprision Marker, then you can find them in the two theme decks, Power Wave and/or Shadow Blaze.


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