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Pikachu's Pikaboo

Ash's pokemon are all having a great time at the beach. Totodile decides to have a little fun, so he squirts Cyndaquil with a water gun. Togepi notices some Corsola going past them, so it decides to copy them. Togepi ends up to far in the water, but a Wailmer saves it, and creates a waterspout sending it flying. A Yanma near by catches it and sets it down. It then flies away near a house.

The house has a huge garden, and a hedge maze. A Larvitar, Kecleon, and Granbull are walking around, fixing any small problems with the Garden. Larvitar fixes a pair of rocks, but Togepi accidentally knocks them over. Larvitar is mad, but his friends make friends with Pikachu, and the gang. Granbull calls out to the garden. His friends Shanshrew, Sunflora, Oddish, Azurill, and Donphan. Larvitar walks away, and the gang plays hide, and seek.

Pikachu picks up a stick, and throws it. The gang starts blowing it around, and it when it lands, it points at Pikachu. Pikachu is it.

Sunflora hides in some flowers. Kecleon hides in front of a pot, but turns invisible leaving only it's red strip showing. Oddish borrows itself underground, with only it's leaves showing. Totodile, and Azurill, hide in a fountain. And Bulbasaur burrows himself under some dirt, leaving only his bulb showing.

Pikachu finishes counting. He spots a bunch of Flowers, and finds Sunflora hiding in them. Pikachu sees Sandshrew hiding on a wall. Pikachu finds Totodile hiding in the fountain. Pikachu cover's some of the water coming up so Totodile comes to the surface.

Pikachu is looking around the garden's shed. A pile of tires sits on the hill near Pikachu. Larvitar pushes Donphan (who was hiding there) down the hill towards Pikachu. Pikachu runs, and Donphan crashes into some bushes.

Way across the garden Meowth, and Wobbuffet are mowing the lawn. The Lawn Mower suddenly stops, so Meowth, and Wobbuffet go to clean the chimney.

Pikachu notices a pillow that looks like Togepi inside its egg. Pikachu tickles it, and Togepi pops out laughing. Pikachu see's a fireplace burning, Cyndaquil is hiding there.

Larvitar is walking around, and see's the mower. He picks up a rock and throws it at the mower. The mower starts up, and Larvitar runs away. Pikachu, Granbull, Cyndaquil, Togepi, and Larvitar are being chased by the lawn mower. They run across some stepping block past Meowthand Wobbuffet. The mower knocks them both into the chimney, where they are stuck. The gang runs through the hedge maze being chased by the mower. Larvitar kicks the mower, and the gang runs out of the maze. The mower runs through a wall. Pikachu and the gang run to the beach, and go on a dock. Pikachu, and Larvitar grab some small wooden poles. The mower cuts them, and lands in the water. Pikachu, and Larvitar toss the poles into the water. The mower somehow is ok, and rips through the pier. Pikachu Larvitar, and the gang run. Larvitar has a plan. The gang uses logs to give the mower a path. The pokemon keep on taking the last one and putting it first. But the mower suddenly gets out because of Pysduck. Bayleef uses it's vines and puts it back on the track. The track keeps on going until they get it into a shed. Pikachu, and Larvitar close the shed doors. A big crash is heard. The mower comes out, and dies. Everyone is happy, and begins to clean up, and rebuild the place.

Kecleon, changes back to its regular colours, and wonders what had happened.

The gang has another game of hide and seek, only this time; Larvitar is "it."


Written by me.


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