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Pikachu's Summer Vacation

Ash and friends arrive at a huge pokemon park. They drop of all their pokemon there so that they can have some fun. Before they leave, Ash tells Pikachu to look after Togepi. Ash and Friends leave the Pokemon Park. A moment after that Togepi gets Hungry. Pikachu, and Squirtle start making funny faces, but it doesn't work. Squirtle points out an Apple in a tree. Bulbasaur uses Razor Leaf to get it down. The apple falls down and lands at Psyduck's feet. Psyduck eats the apple. Togepi begins to cry again. Bulbasaur picks up Togepi and starts to sing a lullaby to it. Togepi falls asleep.

A group of four pokemon start walking to the pokemon Park. They are Cubone, Snubull, Marill, and Raichu. Their talking very loud, so Togepi wake's up. Pikachu, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur get mad at this. The Snubull, and Squirtle start to have a small competition to see how much air they can hold in their bellies. Snubull wins. Then Bulbasaur sees who ran roll their eye's around the most with Snubull. Bulbasaur wins.

Squirtle and Marill decide to have a race across the lake. An electrode explodes, signalling that the race has started. Marill bumps into a Starmie that uses Hydro Pump sending it back a lot. Squirtle swims on top of a Goldeen, which is swimming in the other direction. Squirtle swims at full speed to the other side of the lake, to find that Marill has won.

Raichu, and Pikachu stick to each other and run across the entire park destroying things, and harming other pokemon. The two aren't looking where they're going and they accidentally go over Charizard's tail! The Charizard flies ahead and blows them away with his wings. The two land right next to a Snorlax. The two tried to get up and run, but the Snorlax squashes them. The two run out from under it, but fall over from being exhausted.

Charizard who is flying isn't look where he's going and he gets his head stuck in a pipe. Pikachu throws a rope around Charizard's leg, and all of Ash's, Misty's, and Brock's pokemon try to pull Charizard's head out.

Pikachu asks if the other four pokemon would help out. 3 of them do. Cubone dose not want to help. After a few seconds of no luck, the Cubone run's in and helps pull out Charizard. The pokemon finally succeed but everyone goes flying. Charizard starts flying into the sky with the rope on his foot and Psyduck hanging on.

Meowth, who was sleeping at a big hill with Arbok, and Weezing, lights a Bomb because he is sick of being waken up. Charizard lands on Meowth and the bomb explodes under Charizard. Psyduck lands in front of Charizard. Charizard gets up and a hurt Meowth comes up and says that he's goanna sleep right there.

All the pokemon start to rebuild everything in the park they destroyed. They then enjoy the rest of their day until Ash and friends come to get their pokemon. Before they leave, Pikachu shake's hands with the Snubull.


Written by me.


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