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213 Around the Whirlpool
214 Fly Me To The Moon
215 Takin' It On The Chinchou!
216 A Corsola Caper!
217 Mantine Overboard!
218 Octillery The Outcast
219 Dueling Heroes
220 The Perfect Match!
221 Plant It Now... Diglett Later
222 Hi Ho Silver... Away!
223 The Mystery Is History
224 A Parent Trapped!
225 A Promise is a Promise
226 Throw In The Noctowl
227 Nerves of Steelix
228 Bulbasaur... The Ambassador!
229 Espeon, Not Included
230 For Ho-Oh The Bell Tolls
231 Extreme Pokemon!
232 An Egg-Sighting Adventure
233 Hatching A Plan
234 Dues and Don'ts
235 Just Waiting On A Friend
236 Fit To Be Tyrogue
237 Future Shock!
238 Talkin' 'Bout an Evolution
239 The Rage of Innocence
240 As Cold as Pryce
241 Nice Pryce, Baby!
242 Whichever Way The Wind Blows
243 Some Like It Hot!
244 Hocus Pokemon
245 As Clear As Crystal
246 Same Old Song and Dance
247 Enlighten Up!
248 Will The Real Oak Please Stand Up?
249 Wish Upon A Star Shape
250 Outrageous Fortunes
251 One Trick Phoney
252 I Politoed You So!
253 The Ice Cave (Unaired)
254 Beauty Is Skin Deep
255 Fangs For Nothin'
256 Great Bowls of Fire!
257 Better Eight Than Never
258 Why? Wynaut?
259 Just Add Water
260 Lapras of Luxury
261 Hatch Me If You Can
262 Entei At Your Own Risk
263 A Crowning Achievement
264 Here's Looking At You, Elekid
265 You're A Star, Larvitar!


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