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109 The Pokemon Water War
110 Pokemon Food Fight
111 Pokemon Double Trouble
112 The Wacky Watcher
113 The Stun Spore Detour
114 Hello Pummelo
115 Enter The Dragonite
116 Viva Las Lapras
117 The Underground Round Up
118 A Tent Situation
119 A Rivalry Revival
120 Don't Touch That Dile
121 The Double Trouble Header
122 A Sappy Ending
123 Roll On, Pokemon!
124 Illusion Confusion
125 Flower Power
126 Spinarak Attack
127 Snubbull Snobbery
128 The Little Big Horn
129 Chikorita Rescue
130 Once in a Blue Moon
131 The Whistle Stop
132 Ignorance is Blissey
133 A Bout With Sprout
134 Fighting Flyer With Fire
135 For Crying Out Loud
136 Tanks A Lot!
137 Charizard's Burning Ambition
138 Grin to Win!
139 Chikorita's Big Upset
140 Foul Weather Friends
141 The Superhero Secret
142 Mild 'N Wooly
143 Wired For Battle
144 Good 'Quil Hunting
145 A Shadow of a Drought
146 Going Apricorn
147 Gettin' The Bugs Out
148 A Farfetch'd Tale
149 Tricks of the Trade
150 The Fire-ing Squad
151 No Big Woop
152 Tunnel Vision
153 Hour of the Houndour
154 The Totodile Duel
155 Hot Matches
156 Love, Totodile Style
157 Fowl Play
158 Forrest Grumps
159 The Psychic Sidekicks
160 The Fortune Hunters


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