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These are the boss Pokemon.

Boss: Skarmory
Level: 10
HP: 65
Location: Mt. Steel

Boss: Zapdos
Level: 25
HP: 300
Location: Mt. Thunder

Boss: Moltres
Level: 32
HP: 400
Location: Mt. Blaze

Boss: Articuno
Level: 33
HP: 450
Location: Mt. Freeze

Boss: Groudon
Level: 27
HP: 500
Location: Magma Cavern

Boss: Rayquaza
Level: 35
HP: 600
Location: Sky Tower

Boss: Kyogre
Level: 25
HP: 600
Location: Stormy Sea

Boss: Regirock
Level: ???
HP: ???
Location: Buried Relic

Boss: Regice
Level: ???
HP: ???
Location: Buried Relic

Boss: Registeel
Level: ???
HP: ???
Location: Buried Relic

Boss: Mew
Level: 40
HP: 150
Location: Buried Relic
On floors 36-99, Mew will randomly be on any of the floors. He may not be on all floors, and he may be disguised as another pokemon because he knows transform. He seems to be easier to find on floors 90+.

Boss: Latios
Level: 30
HP: 600
Location: Northern Range

Boss: Latias
Level: 28
HP: ???
Location: Pitfall Valley

Boss: Lugia
Level: 30
HP: 800
Location: Silver Trench

Boss: Deoxys (Normal)
Level: 35
HP: 950
Location: Meteor Cave

Boss: Entei
Level: 45
HP: 600
Location: Fiery Field

Boss: Raikou
Level: 45
HP: 650
Location: Lightning Field

Boss: Suicune
Level: 45
HP: 650
Location: Northwind Field

Boss: Ho-oh
Level: 50
HP: 800
Location: Mt. Faraway

Boss: Mewtwo
Level: 40
HP: 900
Location: Western Cave

Boss: Jirachi
Level: 40
HP: 350
Location: Wish Cave

Boss: Celebi
Level: 45
HP: ???
Location: Purity Forest


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