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Jirachi Wish Maker

Movie Title: Pokemon: Jirachi Wish Maker
Movie Number: 6
Release Date: June 1, 2004
Featured Pokemon: Jirachi, Groudon


Ash and co. travel to a town in Hoenn so that they can see the famous Millennium Comet that only comes out every thousand years. They see a magician named Butler setting up his tent and receive a leaflet telling them that he is having a magic show. They decide to come.

At the magic show, Butler and his assistant, Diane, take out a rock, which starts to talk to Max. Max runs up onto the stage and Ash follows him up. Because of this, Butler and Diane use them for a magic trick. While they are on stage, Team Rocket shows up and steals Pikachu, but Ash and Max blast them off.

Once the magic show is over, May and Brock come up onto the stage to talk to Max. Butler explains to the four of them that a legendary Pokemon called Jirachi that only awakens from its sleep when the Millennium Comet is around is inside the rock and that it can grant wishes. Jirachi comes out and immediately befriends Max.

Later that night, May buys a talisman at a store that has eight triangles sticking out from the side, one already pushed down. She is told if she pushes one down every night during the seven nights of the comet, she will be able to make a wish and it will come true.

Later on, Ash and co. are sitting down next to Jirachi and Max wishes for candy. Jirachi teleports candy from a nearby candy shop to where they are at. Butler and Diane arrive and tell them about it, but Jirachi and Max are asleep and Jirachi cannot teleport the candy back. May lays down and pushes one of the triangles down on her talisman.

Three days later, on the fourth night of the Comet, Ash, May, Max, Brock, Butler, and Diane encounter the Pokemon Absol. Ash scans it with his PokeDex to learn that Absol is a sign of danger or that something bad is about to happen.

Butler takes Gyrate and tells everyone that he is using its power to create a live Groudon to get revenge in Team Magma for when he had tried to make on for them before and they laughed at him. Max says that using his power to do that would be bad for Jirachi, and Ash and co. rescue it.

Back at their campsite, Diane tells Ash and co. the story of when her and Butler were children. Butler would always show her magic tricks and she would applaud. Butler would laugh. She says Butler isn't like that anymore. They look at Max to see that he and Jirachi are already asleep. May lays down and pushes down the fourth triangle on her talisman.

Three days later, Jirachi shows the group a forest with all kinds of different Pokemon in it. They find out that all the life in the forest is there because of Jirachi's power. Suddenly, Butler and his Dusclops come out and capture Jirachi. Everyone else chases him back to the magic house.

Butler puts Jirachi in the machine and it generates a monstrous Groudon which starts to suck up everything. After a while, Butler notices that he shouldn't have done it. Soon after, May and Brock are sucked up too.

Ash and Max snatch Jirachi from the machine and hop on a Flygon from Jirachi's forest. They start to fly it away from Groudon. However, Butler tells them that the only way to get rid of Groudon is to put Jirachi back on the machine to suck it up. Seconds later, Butler and Diane are sucked up as well.

Flygon takes Ash, Max, and Jirachi back to the machine and they put Jirachi on. At first it doesn't work, but Jirachi increases his power and finally destroys Groudon and everyone comes out.

Jirachi says that he has to go back to sleep now until 3000, and he asks them to sing him the lullaby that they sing him every night. They start to sing and Jirachi closes his eyes and eventually goes back into the rock. Max tells him good-bye as he floats up into the sky and disappears.

The next morning, Ash and co. say good-bye to Butler and Diane and continue on their way to Lavaridge Town. May suddenly realizes that she forgot to push down the last triangle on her talisman, but decides that it doesn't matter.

Synosis Credit

Written by Celebi2000. Used with Permission.


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