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Banned Episodes

018 Beauty and the Beach

This episode was banned due to James wearing a bikini. A cut version of this episode was shown, but to many parts of this episode where cut out; meaning the episode wasn't long enough. This episode has airred once outside of Japan.

035 The legend of Dratini

This episode was banned due to guns. They where pointed at characters, and fired. Of course none of the characters got hurt. This episode does not air outside of Japan.

038 Electric Soldier Porygon

This is the master episode of all banned episodes. This episode had flashing lights from Pikachu using thunder on missles from team rocket, which caused flashing lights, which caused seizures to about 750 kids in Japan. Due to this, Pokemon wasn't allowed to air for 4 months. This episode will never air again anywhere.

251 The Ice Cave

The pokemon "Jynx" was though to be a "racial stereotype," so this episode was banned. Other episodes involving Jynx have airred though. This episode has not airred outside Japan.

Episode 376 Shaking Island battle! Barboach Vs Whiscash!

This episode was skipped from Japan, due to the earthquakes. This episode had Barboach making earthquakes, which would not be a good combo. This episode was suppoused to be postponed, but it was skipped, and due to this, it didn't get translated to English. This episode will not air anywhere.

Episode 398 Ash and May! Heated battles In Hoenn

I'm not quite sure why, but this episode was never translated from Japenese, so it didn't air anywhere outside Japan.


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