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Just an update on brawl today. I'm gonna try to get some content added soon.

Lucario & Jigglypuff confirmed
In Super Smash Bros Brawl there are these sticker things which you can have your character use. In a video on the japenese website it was shown that the character's that can use the Groudon sticker are Pikachu, Pokemon Trainer, Lucario, & Jigglypuff. Most likely Mewtwo, and Pichu will be cut out.

Just a small update today. I have added three pages all game releated. Two of the pages are for Diamond & Pearl covering Shiny Pokemon, and Pokerus. The third page is a very amazing page on Beta Pokemon Games. Seriously, you gotta check it!! Click HERE for it.

We have three new buttons, here they are:

Thats all!

I didn't get a Wii for Christmas, but I got $300 to buy one. It's to bad they're so hard to find. Oh yeah, and 2008!

New layout
We've gone greener. The only thing wrong with the layout is that the links are suppoused to be orange, but they come out blue sometimes.

There's no Pokemon news at the moment, but I do plan on getting some Affiliates for this website.

Merry Christmas everybody! I hope you are all having a great time with your family. My parents let me open a gift early. Guess what I got? Socks & underwear! I guess I'll just have to wait til Chirstmas morning.

Five days!!! Man I can't wait! I already know I have a lot of TCG cards coming. I might even get a Wii!

Master Division World Champion Deck: Legendary Ascent

The last deck available is the Legendary Ascent deck. Cards of intrest are Jolteon Ex (EX Delta Species #109), Super Scoop Up (Diamond & Pearl #115), Jolteon* (EX Power Keepers #101), Espeon Ex (EX Unseen Forces #102), Vaporeon Ex (EX Delta Species #110), Rayquaza Ex (EX Dragon Frontiers #97), & Absol ex (EX Power Keepers #92).

If you visit you might see Darkrai. This means that Pokemon USA might finally reveal Darkrai officially to us.

Man I can't wait for Christmas!

Bulba Palace
I haven't been updating recently. This is because I have actually been creating pages, and reviving old pages that I can add to the website. A few days ago I added those pages and the site's layout stopped working. I then added a new blue one. This website got about 90+ new paes and now supports the Video Games, and TV show. I hope everybody likes the changes.

Senior Division Finalist Deck

The very third World Champion deck is Swift Empoleon. Cards of intrest are Empoleon (Diamond & Pearl #4), Infernape (Diamond & Pearl #5), Corsola (EX Unseen Forces #37), Cursed Stone (EX Legend Maker #72), Cessation Crystal (EX Crystal Guardians #74), & Scramble Energy (EX Dragon Frontiers #89).

Pokemon USA President Resign
Pokemon USA has announced that the current president, Akira Chiba, who has lead the company since 2002, will resign on January 1st 2008. The Vice President Kenji Okubo will take his position.

Pokemon Snap
Pokemon Snap is now available on the Wii in North America, Europe, & Japan. ___________________________________________________________ 11/24/07 Pathetic that all the stores around me still don't sell Secret Wonders. Hopefully I'll get some for Christmas. (Which by the way, is in 31 days. Yay.)

Junior Division World Champion Deck: Flyvees
The first World Champion Deck is Flyvees. This deck features a lot of amazing cards including Flygon Ex (EX Dragon Frontiers #92), Flygon (EX Holon Phantoms #7), Jolteon Ex (EX Delta Species #109), Vaporeon Ex (EX Delta Species #110), & Absol Ex (EX Power Keepers #92). This deck is definitely worth picking up.

Senior Division World Champion Deck: Rambolt
The second World Champion Deck is Rambolt. It's not as good as the first, but it is still a very good deck. Cards of interest are Banette Ex (EX Legend Maker #85), Solrock (EX Legend Maker, #25), Lunatone (EX Deoxys, #36), Delcatty (EX Power Keepers #8), & a load of trainer cards.

2 Other World Champion Decks
The cards are yet to be revealed, but the two decks are Swift Empoleon, & Legendary Ascent Deck.

Groundbreakers, a new TFG set, has had all it's figures revealed. Click here to see them all.

Episode Title
Episode #507 will be called "Steamboat Willies". In the Episode, Ash and friends let their Pokemon out for some fun. Suddenly, they find out the boat is heading for a Waterfall, and Team Rocket have yet another plan to catch their pokemon.


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